Monday, August 22, 2011

"This kid's gonna be expensive."

That's what I said to Paul over the weekend after watching my little fearless, 4 wheel drive son playing. He is outta control. He literally bounds down the couch while holding onto the cushions and tries to jump over the back of it. He climbs over boxes, laundry baskets, and people. And if he happens to get stuck on top of something or someone, he just dives off, head first.

A couple weeks ago when we were at Lake Arrowhead, he climbed a flight of stairs in a matter of seconds. We have no stairs where we live, and he climbed those things like he's been doing it his whole life. And at a play date with friends last week, the house we were at had 3 little steps off the living room down to another room, and he climbed down those face first without even thinking about it.

If he wants to get somewhere, he'll get there, and fast. And the crashes, bumps and falls don't stop him. At one point last week he had a bruise on each leg, a scratch on his nose, and a red spot on his forehead. I was a little worried about being turned in to CPS at physical therapy. I promise I don't neglect him, he's just a little unstoppable ball of energy these days.

I told Paul that we need to be ready for stitches, casts, and ER visits with this one. Probably much sooner than we think.

And he can't even walk yet...

Also, today marks 2 months in the DOC band. (Which has saved his life several times during his crashes and falls.) We're hoping today is the half-way point, but it could be just the 1/4 done point.

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