Friday, August 19, 2011

organizing/cleaning/making room

Just some thoughts, plans, and projects we're in the middle of...

Garrett had WAY too many 0-9 month clothes. I decided that if I ever give clothes as a shower/baby gift again they will be 12 month +. It might not seem too fun and exciting for the mom to be, but I promise she'll need them sooner than she thinks, and she'll be glad when she gets to that stage and has something to put her child in. Sleepers are the best clothing gift you can give for 0-6 months, in my opinion anyway.

I can't plan the days that are going to be cleaning/organizing days. I have my normal laundry day, grocery shopping day, etc. But as far as reorganizing/dejunking days, they just have to happen without being planned. I'm way more motivated and productive when I do it because I feel like doing it.

I went through 2.0's clothing boxes a couple days ago. Surprisingly, she has just a little pile of NB-3mo. stuff, a medium box of 6-9mo stuff, and a big box of 12mo+ stuff. This makes me so happy! Just need a few more 0-3mo sleepers and we'll be set for a while!

When I think of everything that needs to be done in the next couple months, my head starts to spin a little.

I feel like there are 5 areas of our house that need to be shifted to make room for everyone and everything, and I need them all to move at the exact same time in order to avoid utter chaos. Maybe I just need to hire 5 people to come help me and get it all done in one afternoon.

I told Paul tonight that I get really discouraged when I feel great in the morning so I make a list of 5 or so things that I want to get done that day, then I get about half way through the second thing and I feel like being done. I told him that I need more reminders that my body is currently busy growing a human. That's big time, and pretty important to keep as the priority. And holy crap, it takes a lot outta ya.

Anyway, when we came home from 3 days in San Fran, my in-laws had built 2.0's bedroom! It was the best surprise to come home to! It needs a door, some putty in the little gaps, and some paint, but there's walls and it's a cute little space for her. It's crazy that less than a year ago, this space we live in was 2 big storage/warehouse like rooms and a bathroom. Now we have a laundry closet, a second bathroom, a nice kitchen and dining room, a large walk-in closet, a living room, a hall closet, a family room, and 4 bedrooms. And soon I'll have a craft/storage room and Garrett will have a play area. I really will post pictures of our whole place soon...hopefully...

I know I'll be happy when it's all done, but in the meantime, I kind of enjoy doing projects and changing things up a bit. It keeps things fresh.

If you read this, I'm sorry. There's 5 minutes you won't get back.

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Elizabeth said...

I appreciate the reminder that growing another person takes a lot out of you! I'm waiting for the motivation to start dejunking and organizing, and I hope it shows up soon! That's exciting when your house gets changed up and you have new energy in the house to enjoy.