Saturday, April 16, 2011

tired, wonderful moments.

Garrett took a late nap yesterday which made bedtime a bit of a struggle. For the first time ever he screamed every time I left his room. I went in 3 or 4 times because it made me so sad to hear him. He'd calm right down as soon as I walked in, and every time I turned to walk out he started screaming again.

Finally I went into his room and sat on the floor facing his crib. Paul and I both felt sick, but I felt less sick, so I was nominated to get him to fall asleep. I was so tired that I just sat there and leaned my forehead against one of the crib slats where he was laying crying. As soon as I did that he looked over at me, stopped crying, and reached out between 2 of the slats and put his tiny little hand on my cheek. He was so calm and he stayed like that for about a minute, just touching my face and looking at me. When he finally began to lower his hand I took it in mine and kissed his fingers.

It was wonderful.

I had an overwhelming thought that the time will probably come way too soon that he'll be a big boy who won't so easily reach out to his mom to be comforted.

I love him.

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