Thursday, April 14, 2011

less TV

I've decided that, although its easy to pass time with TV, its not good for me. I feel so much better on days when I don't turn on the TV. Instead I cook, go on walks, play with Garrett, go to the park, read, etc. The time goes just as fast, I feel less sluggish, and I feel like get more productive.

Some days its really hard not to sit down in front of the TV, but I'm making myself more aware of it, and its going well. Paul and I have got into a bad habit of watching TV at night, even eating dinner at the coffee table in front of the TV. I don't like it. So we're trying to get out more. Not EAT out more, just GET out more.

We're going to try and go to Disneyland every couple weeks. We have a cute park a couple blocks away that we're going to start having picnics at once a week or so. We're going to explore other parks. Go on walks. Just try and find more fun, free things to do at night. We've even started doing puzzles together. We sound old and single, right?? It's actually really enjoyable for us.

Here's a recent trip to Disneyland.Oops...oh well, close enough. I realized it on the train at Disneyland.After a fun morning walk to our local farmers market. It's really small, (maybe 15 or 20 vendors) but really nice people with fresh, yummy, local stuff.Bad lettuce NOT from the farmer's market. Those are bugs. I'm going to write a letter to Earthbound Farms Organic. Every leaf was COVERED in bugs, alive bugs. And they were hiding in all the little crevices. This was an evening where I was excited to make a picnic and head to the park. When I saw this lettuce, I lost my motivation. We still went to the park for a picnic but we walked to 7-11 first. This was going to be a "fun, free" evening out, but instead we spent $18.00 at 7-11 and threw 3 bunches of lettuce away. Oh well, its a story.Garrett loves grabbing the strings that hang down from hoodies. He was in heaven laying between us because we both had them!Warm, breezy evenings are therapeutic. So glad Spring is here and Summer is around the corner. I know Utah, I know. But it's still been pretty cold here!

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Elizabeth said...

At least you know it was Organic! Sometimes one or two bugs is OK, but covered! how inconvenient!