Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just because I feel like I should.

It's been over 2 weeks since I blogged and I'm sure millions of people world wide are wondering where I am. So here I am. In California.

Things are going good so far. The place we are living is kind of a work in progress, which is fun, but makes it hard to really fully move in. The bathroom is done. (Well, besides a shower kit.) Its a new bathroom but has an old fashion claw foot tub that sits at an angle in the middle of the floor. Wish you could see a picture? Maybe someday... Anyway a shower kit has been ordered.

The guest bedroom is done. And really cute by the way. And it might even have a mint on the pillow if you come visit. (All it needs is a cute curtain to hang over the closet doorway.) We took the door off because it was awkward and ate up a lot of the closet space.

Garrett's room is done. I guess he's the only one we can say is really done.

We have a Great Room. Paul didn't know the term 'great room'. It's a huge room that is kitchen, dining, and living room all in one. It's pretty much done. The kitchen counters have gathered a lot of "stuff". Paint trays, tape, drill, other tools, extra curtain rods, etc. The dining area is cute, just needs a couple things on the walls. And the living room area is pretty much done. Just needs a DVR, which comes today!! The two things we'll never be too poor to have, DVR and disposable diapers! :) That's easy for me to say because Garrett is over 4 months old and I haven't bought a single diaper, and I had to find a big space in the walk in closet for the 600+ that we still have. I have a really practical mom. We love getting diapers for Christmas!

The walk in closet is off the great room. That part of the house used to be a studio apartment, so the bathroom and laundry are on that side of the house too.

Our master bedroom is so not done. It's a huge room. Probably close to 3 times as big as our old room, (for those of you who saw our old room). The walls are painted and stuff is kind of in place but it needs a lot of organizing, and it needs a king size chest bed and new mattress. The chest bed has drawers built in under it on both sides. Kind of like 2 extra dressers built in. That's a Utah trip to The Wood Connection at the beginning of March. Can't wait to pick it up!

The second living room is done. Just needs a light fixture hung and some photos hanging on the walls. The second living room has 3 bookshelves, 2 chairs, a coffee table, a papasan chair, a little square table with 2 chairs for games/puzzles, Garrett's swing, and in a week and a half a piano. It's a really old piano that Paul used as a child, but hey, its a piano. Can't wait to have one again. I really miss sitting down and playing like I did when I lived at home, 11 years ago. I'm getting old.

There is a storage closet and a big storage space at the end of the hall that still need shelving and organizing.

And lastly, Paul's office/the project room. It's full of Paul's stuff that never made it to Utah, among other things. That's a huge project that he'll do. I'm not in a big hurry for that part. That room isn't really part of the apartment, so I don't think about it/see it everyday.

Confused enough yet about all the rooms and the layout?? Come visit :)

My mom was here for a week and was SO helpful. She is amazing and can figure just about any "fix-it" thing out. We wore her out and we miss her like crazy. I won't even get started on that. Love you mom!

I'll try to get some more pictures up soon, but for now, I'll leave you with this...

We're moving WHERE!?!?

(click the collages to make it bigger)Yes, that bottom middle one is Garrett sitting on the roof surrounded by tools and extension cords. I have to go, the "Mother of the Year" award presenters are calling.


Heidi said...

Wow. You have done a lot in 2 weeks! Pretty sure we haven't done that much in 2 years. Garrett's hair is getting light!

maranoelle said...

he's getting bigger. i can tell. crying now. love you guys and miss you like crazy!