Tuesday, January 11, 2011

7 things

1. I think I've mentioned that our good friends Mara and Aron are getting married this saturday! I'm so happy for them, and I'm looking forward to decorating (I think it will look amazing) and attending the wedding. I've been so excited and counting down for this event that I really don't spend much time thinking about that fact that I'll be moving to California about 6 or 7 hours after its over. After being with Mara and Deb last night its starting to be on the brain more, but still hasn't fully set in.

2. I've had some good and bad experiences this week. Both have made me feel a little more ready for California. I'm looking forward to a fresh...not 'start', but, new chapter with my little family.

3. I'm thankful for Paul. We haven't seen each other for 9 days and we have 3 more to go. It's been long enough and I hope we don't go this long ever again. I thought I'd be fine taking care of Garrett by myself, knowing I'd get TONS of help at my parents house. I have enjoyed that help, and we've had fun. But being away from Paul I've realized how fast and how good of a groove he and I got into with this whole parenting thing. I miss it.

4. I'm also thankful for Paul. Did I mention that?? He's enjoyed his first week of work, and when he's not at work he's unpacking boxing, cleaning carpet, and painting. He's done our room, Garrett's room, and the hallways. He's a good one. I'm proud of him, I know he'll always work hard, always provide, and always look for and find ways to make my life and our child(rens) lives better. Is that enough thankfulness?? Now pass the turkey.

5. I love research, internet, medicine, etc. I was listening to my Grandma talk on the phone a couple days ago. She had shingles almost 5 years ago and has never fully recovered. She now has post-something-nerve-something-damage and is always in pain. She found a new doctor and was talking with a gal who is totally motivated to help her. They talked about vitamins and treatments etc. I could hear her on the other end of the phone and she was so positive and helpful. It made me think about the stuff we've had to do with Garrett. His torticollis, tongue tie, etc. When I first learned he had these problems I was totally overwhelmed. But I was amazed at how quickly I was able to research and learn about these things online and how just a couple conversations and phone calls lead me to so many people who knew all about it and wanted to help. I'm just glad there are people out there who are interested in all different things. Cancer, heart problems, depression, diabetes, etc. And on a less important note, I'm glad there are people who enjoy giving massages and pedicures too.

6. I'm glad Paul is "just the right amount of involved." (On moving day, he and I had 2 empty bins to pack our clothes that we were taking ourselves. Here's how the conversation went as I started filling the second bin...with my stuff.)
Paul: Oh, you're using both bins?
Me: No. That one is full of Garrett's clothes.
Paul: Oh really? I've never seen him wear
that purple shirt, or that lacy one.
Me: Well...that's because you're not an involved father.
He really is. And its just the right amount of involved.

7. Garrett got a new seat today. I'm pretty sure he has just about one of everything now. Here he is at babies-r-us trying them out. He loves sitting up, but he can't on his own yet and I want him to work on his neck muscles as much as possible.
We went with the last one, but we got it in red.
He loves it! And it comes with a tray, 2 place mats to cover the tray, and a toy that hooks on the tray. He's so cute and pretty easily entertained!

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Sarah Knight said...

LOOOOVE those seats!!! soo cool!!!!