Sunday, December 12, 2010

So much goin' time to blog.

I can't believe I blogged everyday for a whole month. How did I do it?!?

A lot has been happening the past week or so, so I'll try to give you the short version.

1. Garrett keeps getting cuter...A lady at church today asked me if I ever thought I'd love anything so much. No, no I didn't.2. I had a couples baby shower for Deb and Erik. Baby Conner is on his way and we're all so happy for them!3. A few days ago I was in a car with two dear friends. We all got teary eyed when we realized that in a few short weeks we'll all live in different states. Kate is staying in Utah, I'm moving to California, and Mara is getting married in a month and moving to Tahoe. I'm sure I'll make new friends eventually... but wow, I'll miss these girls.4. I've been going through everything we own so simplify (and to try and save money on the move) its amazing to me how much stuff we accumulate. I feel like a borderline hoarder.

5. December is going by so fast. I remember as a child feeling like Christmas would never come. I'd look forward to changing the advent calendar everyday. I'd be sad if I got home from school and realize that I'd already changed it before school. Now I have Christmas countdown blocks and I find myself falling 5 or 6 days behind at a time. It started at '25 days til Christmas' the next time I remembered to change it was at '17 days'. It's still at 17 and it should be 13. Slow down, time!

6. Paul gave his 2 weeks notice at work on Friday to the owners, and tomorrow everyone else at work will hear the news. It still doesn't seem real yet.

7. Garrett laughed! It's so cute. He's only done it a couple times and we can't get him to do it like we can get him to smile, but it's SO cute! I will get video of it because its the best sound in the world.

8. He has also started sucking his thumb. It takes him a long time to get his thumb stuck out and his lips around it, but he does it. Mostly though, he sucks on his whole hand...and just about everything else... I have a picture of it on my phone, but I'm too lazy to get it.

9. This little turtle is Garrett's best friend. We use it mostly on long car rides. I don't want to get in the habit of not feeding him myself, but every once in a while it's a HUGE help. The turtles mouth holds a bottle at the perfect angle so its a hands free feeder. He usually drinks a whole bottle with no slips and no spills and it almost always puts him to sleep. I ordered 2 more off amazon, just in case we lose toby the turtle.10. I hate Christmas shopping. I always come up with fun little (inexpensive) ideas early on, but the closer Christmas gets the more I second guess my plan, so then I do a lot of last minute shopping.

I'm sure there's more, but both my guys have fallen asleep on the living room floor so I need to get them to bed.

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maranoelle said...

I have a huge problem with this post. No, well, a few.

#1- I was forced to read this blog at work and I'm not supposed to be surfing the net. I was just TOO intrigued since you had starved me of the happenings in your life for so long. lol.
#3 (See #2!!!)
#4- I better see you more than 1.5 times this week.