Monday, December 13, 2010

It's the most wonderful (busy) time of the year.

I wish December was twice as long...

Between Friday and Saturday we have 5 parties and 2 concerts that we're supposed to be going to. And I'm working both days. And I have to make soup for 60 people for Sunday afternoon. A lot of our month has been busy and over-booked, but this is the craziest weekend.

I hate missing things, but it looks like we'll be doing 1 concert, and half each of 2 parties.

And here's a few pictures I can't resisting posting.

Sometimes when Garrett is really tired and wants to be held, he face plants and falls right to sleep. I don't let him stay that way, because it looks hard to breathe in that position, but it sure looks cute.Jordon was seeing what it might be like with twins... Watching Baby D and Sweet G while the women did crafts.And then he tried to kidnap G.Getting ready for Paul's office Christmas party.The thumb sucking picture. He's trying so hard to get a good lip grip on that little thumb of his!Watching 'The Sing-off' while dad worked on his computer.And then playtime with dad, and all smiles for mom! I'm so impressed with my kiddo's neck and leg strength... I don't know how strong babies should be at 11.5 weeks, but he's been standing like this "on his own" (see dad's hand) for at least 3 weeks now. I'm a proud mama.
Garrett was laughing so much this morning, it made my whole day. The only sad part was that I left my camera charger in California and it just came in the mail today. So the super laugh time happened when my camera was dead, but here's a tiny look from this evening at the new cute noises that are coming out of my baby! (This is mostly for my mom...and it's likely that after the move, there could be at least a video a day on here...)

Also, that Christmas song? The most wonderful time of the year? I hate it now that I've listened to the words. Scary ghost stories?? At Christmas time?? And don't tell me it's not a Christmas song. It says "Christmases" in it. It's a Christmas song. And I don't like it. But it is the most wonderful time of the year.

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