Tuesday, December 21, 2010

in no particular order...

Yesterday, after living in this house for almost a year, I suddenly forgot there were 2 steps down into the living room. I was carrying a bowl of soup and a glass of diet coke and I almost face planted.

Speaking of forgetting, friday on my way to the wood co, I made it to 106th south before I remembered I worked of off 72nd south.

We went to dinner with friends. Garrett was wide awake until we decided to take a picture of him and baby David wearing matching shoes. We tried to wake him, but he wanted nothing to do with it.
We went to Paul's work party. It was pretty fun...well, as fun as an evening spent with funeral directors can be. Hah! I forgot to take pictures.

We went to the wood co Christmas party Saturday night at Edison St. Live music, (from the boss and band) food, dancing, and old hip people in their holiday attire, bustin' a move. It was a lot of fun.Some of my favorite ladies.Dancing the night away with my favorite little man...

We took Garrett on his first trip to see the lights at Temple Square. He seemed to love it, even though it was SO COLD! We heard a group of people say when they first saw Paul they thought he was holding a teddy bear. Garrett looked pretty adorable in his winter suit.We had a Christmas dinner party with our small group. So fun... I'm gonna miss these people so much, I hate to even think about it! I made snow globe cupcakes, and other Christmasy ones...Garrett spent the evening getting plenty of attention from the ladies...Garrett rolled over for the first time on his own today. He's done it before with a little assistance, (positioning his arms, holding his head) But today I was on the floor wrapping presents and he was playing on the floor by me. He kicked his legs up and rolled to his side, grunted and moved his arms a bit, and then rolled all the way over. It was so cute! I laid down right by him after he did it and as soon as he saw my face he lifted his head up and gave me a huge smile! "Look what I did mama!!"

I decided this is the busiest holiday season I've ever seen. And I'm not talking about the busy I've added to my life, I'm talking about stores and parking lots! Every time I've gone out since black friday its been crazy. Doesn't matter what time, what store, or what city. It's a mad house out there! I'm glad I'm done!


maranoelle said...

the picture of you in your scat and garrett in the winter suit is AMAZING. i want to frame it.

however, i will kill you for the dancing elf photo.


Elizabeth said...

that baby of yours in that fuzzy bear costume is adorable!!!