Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An update of some fun stuff

Sometimes I feel like I spend so much time at home with G that we both get a little stir crazy. And other times I feel like we do way too much in a day or a weekend.

We try to go on a walk every day, but sometimes its too cold, sometimes its too hot, sometimes we have appointments, and sometimes we'd rather watch Ellen than get all bundled, strapped in, and ready to go. But usually we do pretty good.

It was a busy few days for us though. Friday night I went out with Deborah and Katie. We went shopping for Mara's bridal shower and out to dinner. Our husbands stayed at our house with G, ordered pizza, and watched baseball. It was nice to have a couple hours out with the girls, and the boys did just fine. Saturday G and I had some tummy time......mostly back time while I worked on birth announcements, but he was pretty content just laying there watching me. That afternoon I went out again with Katie to Mara's shower. Her husband (Jordon) came back over to our house, and they watched more sports and hung with G. And we all hung out for a bit after the shower.

Sunday Paul had to go to Ogden for work for a little while so we decided to go with him. He had to meet with a family so G and I went into an office and listened to music and played. I was a little nervous about being quiet enough and I also wanted to make sure I had enough stuff that I didn't need to leave the office. We did ok until the little poo situation. And by "little" I mean, "Wow, the fullest diaper I've ever seen, plus a little extra as I was taking the diaper off." Well, we ran out of wipes, got some poo on both of us and maybe a little on the carpet, and then we waited for Paul to finish. It was awesome...and stinky. We all survived. When Paul was done we headed to Target to stock up on wipes. It was G's first real shopping experience. He did really well. He's such a good baby. We made it back to Salt Lake in time to have dinner brought over by a couple from church and then we headed to Eagle Mountain. Scott and Laura just bought a house and they had a party Sunday night. After that we went to Mara's for a birthday party for Aron.
And finally we ended the evening by going to see Jordon and Katie's house. We said we'd stay for a minute, and about 2 hours later we finally left. We've only know Jordon and Katie for a few weeks, but the 4 of us mesh really well, and we can spend hours together and the time flies by.

Monday we had some down time. G and I relaxed most of the day. He took a couple really good naps and I worked on a wall in our house that I'm adding some new pictures to. Monday night G had a couple hours of grandparent time and Paul and I met up with some friends for dinner. Our friends Jonny and Kim are in town for California so a group of us went to dinner. (I only take pictures of Garrett these days, I need to pull the camera out for other stuff too I guess.)

Today was a good day too. Melanie and her little man were heading to the zoo this afternoon and they invited us. It was such a nice day outside so Garrett had his first trip to the zoo! And look at all the pictures. He loved it!!! Ok, well, he opened his eyes for about 2 seconds the whole afternoon, but he looked like he was enjoying it. hah... I'll take a nap at the zoo over a fussy baby at the zoo any day.
And this evening someone else brought us dinner and it got here just in time for a visit from Jonny and Kim. They had dinner with us and we visited for a couple hours. We think we got them all good and baby hungry! For sure Jonny, and he'll work on Kim.It's been a good few days. It's nice to get out among the living. I feel like we've been out a lot, but when I look back its mostly been doctor visits and treatments. It's nice to do fun stuff again! And nap time is good too...

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