Monday, October 18, 2010

3 weeks (and 4 days)

So remember last week when my kid was 2 weeks and a day and I'd almost figured the parenting thing out? (sarcasm) Well, now he's 3 and a half weeks old and I really have it figured out. (sarcasm)

So here's a couple more updates on life at the White's. After I got all set on the chiropractor I got some hate mail. Well not hate mail, just some emails and phone calls about what could be not so good about it. I also got some that was really good and supportive. It overwhelmed me because every decision I make (and tell people about) and every doctor, nurse, specialist, friend, family member, whoever I talk to, I feel like I get a 50/50 response. Meaning 50% positive feedback/support, and 50% not so positive/supportive.

So last week I tried one more thing for sweet G and I'm done trying different people out. I've made a decision!...I think. (Paul has given me, in a nice way, the "That's what you get for putting our life online" talk. But if I didn't blog, I wouldn't journal, and then I'd forget everything, so here I go again.)

I took G to a Spinal Touch Therapist last week. My whole extended family use to go to a guy who did Spinal Touch and he was amazing. He helped me with endless headaches in my preteen years and I still remember how good he was. He's passed away since, and this women I went to last week is his protege. She trained from him and now has her own practice. She's mentoring 5 women to become Spinal Touch Therapists, and she works with them every Tuesday. My Aunt Shauna goes to her and she got in touch with her for me and asked her to look at Garrett. She's very booked and is not accepting new clients but my aunt convinced her. She asked if we'd be willing to come to the Tuesday class and let all the women watch her treat G. I agreed and we went. It was quite amazing. Garrett and I both had craniosacral work done at the same time, and we both have tightness in the same places, and we both had a lot of that tightness worked out. I wont go into all the immediate results I could see and feel in both of us because you probably wouldn't believe me, but its true. When I look at G, I can see corrections that have been made. The women were very into what was happening and they would all almost simultaneously say things they could see changing and improving as they watched the treatments. We'll go back weekly for a while, and I will of course keep you updated, whether you want me to or not. We have a ways to go, but its looking up. The one thing that everyone who has seen him has said is that if we did nothing he'd eventually grow out of it, but I believe there are great benefits to treating it at this young age. The women in the class said he's probably always in pain, but because he came out that way he doesn't know any different. That was enough for me feel good about doing what we're doing.

Here we are both being treated.
Here are the two men I love so much I can hardly stand it.
And here's the little one that I get to hang out with everyday. I'm a lucky lady.
Oh and did I mention his "man stuff"? I'll really keep the details to a minimum on this one in case he reads this down the road. I don't want to traumatize him!

He was born with a swollen scrotum. Kinda normal I guess. The doctor decided to wait to circumcise. We took him to her a few days later and she was still a little worried about doing it herself. She sent us to Pediatric Urology at Primary Children's Hospital. I was freaking out thinking his stuff was broken or something. (It's not) We met a really great Urologist who in about 5 seconds of looking told us the problem. "Webbed Penis" Have you heard of it? Me either. The skin from the scrotum is attached a little too high on the penis and so to circumcise would be dangerous because too much skin would be cut and the scrotum could be damaged. Long story short. We leave it alone for now, but in 6 months my poor little guy has to have surgery to have the little problem fixed and the circumcision done. Ouch! So who wants to babysit my six month old for about a week in April?


Heidi said...

Ohmygosh, Andrea, you and Garrett have had to deal with so much already! I'm sorry that you are receiving judgment on top of that. :( Trust your gut. You are mommy and you know best, even if you don't always feel that way.

shauna/doug said...

I do! I do! I will be home and would love to come and hold him for a few days. So plan on it.

Kylee Jane said...

He's so cute! I'll do it if you work and go to school for me:D Glad to hear things are going well!

Elizabeth said...

Or you could opt out of circumcision. Just another option!
You are such a great mom! I'd love to hear more about your results from spinal touch! I'm looking for options for treating i'd love to learn about it!

SassyMonkey said...

I am enjoying reading about you and little Garrett. One thing that I have learned, and wished I had known sooner, is that I have the answers to my problems/challenges. If I ask, and listen for the answer then the solution will come. Nobody else has this power to solve MY problems. They may have opinions based on THEIR lives and what THEY would do (which may be helpful or not), but only I have the intuition to follow my path. So, other peoples support is great, after you have already made the decision about what is best for your life. And you don't need to justify your choices to anyone, because you know best, you know what feels right for you. I think it is important for new moms to hear that. Hope all that makes sense, I have been thinking alot about this subject lately and wanted to share.
PS. Thanks for the announcement. Matt and I enjoyed it.

Eryn (in Idaho)