Saturday, March 6, 2010


Ever since I finished Project 365 I feel like I've been pretty anti-camera. I don't take pictures of anything. Grabbing my camera when I left everyday last year was as easy as grabbing my keys. And now I never think about it. But I'm trying to remember more, and today I remembered.
I went to a shooting range with my husband, dad and all my brothers this afternoon. We shot hand guns and shot guns. After today I wondered how I killed a deer a few months ago with one shot, and today I couldn't hit a target if it was 2 feet in front of me. I shot the shot gun twice and was done. Those things are heavy.
And then while the guys shot I watched these deer. They weren't scared at all, and there was a lot of shooting going on. This is Taylor and the poor man's clay pigeon. (A snow ball with broken pieces of clay pigeon smashed into it.)
This is me with my gun and Paul's gun. Mine is the the smallest hand gun manufactured and Paul's is the largest caliber hand gun that is manufactured. I didn't actually shoot his. It probably would have broken my wrist. And the first time he shot it today clumps of snow fell of the tree behind us and everyone stopped and looked at him. Big and LOUD.Fun times with the boys.

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