Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In that moment...

...everything changes.

I stopped drinking Diet Coke, which those of you who know me know that that in and of itself was something that would normally take an act of congress. I was pretty much nearing the point of hooking myself to an IV, you know, to save cans and stuff, for the environment, or whatever. Love me some DC.

So that changed, and...well I guess on day one of knowing, the Diet Coke addiction was the only thing that changed.

And I started thinking, and day dreaming, and being emotional, and sleeping. It was a wonderful day. I went to work and felt so happy. Two other girls at work had announced a few weeks earlier that they were pregnant and it was hard not to ask a million questions. But the plan was to wait 3 months, and we were sticking to it.

Hey, you know the movie Juno where the soon to be father is getting cold feet and the soon to be mother says, A man becomes a father when he sees his child and a women becomes a mother when she finds out she's pregnant. I think it's true.

The next day was just as good. I was sick and had a headache and I didn't care because when you're growing a human, you expect it to take a lot out of you. I hadn't called my doctor yet because I'd never done this and I thought about what I'd learned on the baby your baby commercials. 13 visits and the 1st one before 13 weeks. I figured I had some time. But that night I freaked out and called the doctor the next morning in tears and she said I could come in that morning. I went in and they did a blood test. She gave me some advice. Guessed about how far along I was. Referred me to another doctor closer to home. And I was on my way. I didn't have the blood work back yet, and because I had convinced myself that the home test could be wrong I stopped being excited about being pregnant and started being scared about the blood work phone call. I'd made plans to go to dinner with my mom that night, and about 2 minutes before we were suppose to meet, the doctor called to congratulate me on being pregnant. That was the hardest mother/daughter dinner ever!! I had to keep it a secret. My mom even went to target with me to get my prenatal vitamins, but because I'd had the doctor recommend those before, she didn't think anything of it. But it was still so hard sitting at dinner, feeling really sick and not talking at all about the only thing that was on my mind! But I did it.

I don't know how to blog about my experience thus far because if I recap the past month this would be really long, but I don't want to forget anything because even though you might not care, I do. So... I'll end this one by saying week one of officially knowing was really great and exciting.


adrian said...

Congrats Andrea. You will be an amazing mother..and it is such a fun ride. So hang on and enjoy it. I am confused though....does your mom read this blog? Are you not telling anyone yet? I will keep my mouth shut, but am very happy for you both!!

it's me, andrea. said...

Yes my family knows. It kind of slipped out a few weeks early. I'll explain that in my next post, but no it's not a secret anymore!

Bryon said...

Congrats, way fun for you. You guys will be great parents