Sunday, March 28, 2010

dolphins, baby, baby, spring, baby, friend, baby.

1. I'm going to Sea World in a month with Paul. I'm so looking forward to it! He gave me this trip for my birthday last month and I get to swim with the dolphins!! My older brother David and Paul have been planning this trip for months, but David is no longer coming with us. I'm sad about that.

2. I went to the doctor on Friday. Pretty short and easy appointment. The only bad part was when I had to do my urine sample. I couldn't do it. I basically haven't stopped peeing for 3 months, but when I'm told to pee, I couldn't preform. Also, I've lost 4.2 pounds in a month. And the baby is growing. Go me. According to the doctor who based this statement on the sound of the heartbeat, I have a big baby in me. That's good. I want a chubby baby. Roley poley's are so stinkin' cute. Plus, I'll feel less like I'll break them.

3. One other random doctor thing. I learned I have O negative blood, only 15% of people do. Paul needs to get tested and if he is O neg. (unlikely) then everything is great. If he's positive, then I have to get a Rho-gam shot at 28 weeks, and then another one after delivery, also I'd need the shot anytime my blood might mix with the babies, i.e. falling down stairs, car accident etc. This shot puts temporary RH factor anti-bodies in me so my body doesn't reject the baby if we have different blood types. My doctor assured me that this is no big deal and Paul and I will be able to have the 50 babies we desire. Turns out my mom is O neg and had shots with all 4 kids and look how fantastic we all turned out.

4. I went on a drive tonight with my wonderful husband, I love the feeling of spring in the air.

5. I've definitely entered to nesting phase of pregnancy. "All the books say" this happens in trimester 2. Whenever I have weird request, mood, emotion, desire, etc, and Paul thinks I'm crazy, I tell him that "all the books say" this is normal. Anyway, I want everything to be perfect for the nursery. We started shopping this weekend. I've picked my glider and ottoman. It's about $1100 more than what I thought a good night-time feeding chair would be, but it was like sitting on a cloud in heaven, so that decision is still on the table. Well, it's still on the table in Paul's mind. It's already in the nursery in my mind. We've decided on a dresser/changing table, a high chair, and a crib. We agree on these ones that we're making a (kind of large) investment on really high quality stuff. Did I mention that the dresser is also a changing table and that the crib converts to a toddler bed and a twin size headboard, and the high chair will be an heirloom piece that I'm sure my great grandchildren will want to put their kids in? That's right. Good investments. I'm not sure the price on all of those yet, we're still deciding on paints, glazes and finishes, but we will be saving over $5oo.oo off the retail price. Thank you wood connection employee discount and thank you wood connection payment plan. Interest free and I have as long as I want to pay for the stuff, and the money (however much I want and whenever I want) comes out of my paycheck so I never feel like it was mine. Everything feels free!!! We've found a bassinet we like that is also a travel crib, for the many trips to and from California. That's only like 80 bucks! And we've been looking at paint colors. I hate the walls and carpet in that room, the carpet has to stay but I'm pretty sure my boss won't mind if we paint. I think I'll tell him after I do it. We'll probably just do it off white or a light tan. We just need to decide which of the 85 off white colors we like. The room is mint green right now. Not a fan.

6. Yesterday was a good day. I am finally getting my energy back. I worked for 3 hours in the morning and then went to the Scrapbook USA Expo with my friend Deb, and then we met up with 15 or 20 other friends at the Olive Garden for Deb's birthday dinner. Deb is one of those friends that I want forever. I love her.

7. One other baby thing. (I know you wanted one more.) This cute older guy I work with just found out Friday that I'm pregnant. He was so happy for me and he gave me some ideas for names. He was very serious and thinks the baby name choice is very important early on in the pregnancy. So, if I go with Lester's advice and it's a boy? Robert. And, if it's a girl? Kelly or Teresa.


shauna/doug said...

So fun to read about your pregnancy. Hey, what's up with all this rare blood? I am one of them too, only mine is A- and yes, I had the shot every time except the first and look how mine turned out! It is just nice that they know what to do about it nowadays.

Jord and Jenn said...

I also have to have the "Rogain" shots as Jordan calls them. It really isn't a big deal like your doc says, unless of course you just can't remember them every giving you one after the baby is born. I guess we will just have to trust the hospital's records.

megantonesforever said...

Hey Andrea, it' s Megan (your cousin). Congratulations on the pregnancy! I'm right there with you in the negative blood. The shots are like molasses going into your bum! Just a heads up.

Elizabeth said...

I'm O negative too! I didn't need any shots tho! Good luck! The shot only give antibodies for 72 hours, so you technically don't *have* to get it at 28 weeks. Also, make sure if you get it, to request a "mercury free" one. :)