Saturday, September 26, 2009

something other than 365...but nothing too interesting.

1. I still haven't changed my last name. Going on 4 months of being a different color, (Greenhalgh to White for you new readers.) At work and at the bank and on my drivers license and all other official ID things I'm green. But on my AAA card, health insurance, introducing myself, raffle tickets at the gem show, restaurant reservations, etc, I'm white. It's a lot of stuff to change... I'll get to it...

2. And on a similar note, should I start a new blog and let Paul join? I know my blog doesn't have my last name in it, but it only has MY first name? Do you marry into blogs? Or can this just remain mine? What if Paul wants to blog once in a while? Do we have a family blog? Or does he just make guest appearances on this one? He mentioned once that we can change the "M" in "me" to a "W" and then add "and Paul" at the end so its: "it's we, andrea and paul." ...I don't really like it. Any ideas? I thought about "polyandry" we call ourselves that once in a while because I sometimes call him Paulie, and when I do he calls me Andry. But will people think I have multiple husbands if that's our blog title? I could do something creative with "White", don't you think?? Like, Whites With Color? Or, Colorful Whites? Or, Whites Unite? Thoughts??

3. It's been an interesting weekend. Paul woke me up at 6:30am on thursday having chest pains. Long story short we spent the next 7 or 8 hours at the ER and he's ok. No heart damage, or attack, no blood clots, no anything that they could really see. I saw the x-ray and I didn't even see a heart in there, so I thought that might be the problem. (just kidding bebs) They think its respiratory or muscular skeletal...Ok, thanks doc. Speaking of doc, the ER doc was this little corky 5 foot nothin lady with brown spiky hair and bright pink and purple highlights. She seemed to know her stuff though. So I called my father in law and he was worried, jumped on a plane and flew out, my mother in law was at the tail end of a road trip visiting family in WY so she drove to SLC too. It's been a fun weekend with them and they are driving home early tomorrow morning.

4. My uncle died 4 months ago today. I got an email from a friend when I posted about his death and it said something to the effect of never really being able to get all the answers or closure to something like this. Paul and I went to a rodeo a couple weeks ago and I was overwhelmed with thought and memories of my Uncle Randy. And then last weekend we spent a few days at Wolf Creek in Eden Utah. We went boating at Pineview and drove past the lot where he called his office from and informed them that he was going to take his life, and that he was at Pineview, and to tell him family to look for his red truck. Seeing that lot where the truck was found that led to the beach and then to the water where his body was recovered shortly after the call was placed was something I wasn't ready to do. I've felt angry this week. I don't like feeling this way and I'm trying to think and talk (with my Auntie) through it, but it's tough.

5. Sorry for the downer.

6. I'm sick of only posting 365 posts and it seems like these numbered posts are the only other thing I do when I have a minute to write. Oh well.

7. My hair is brown now. I think Paul is the only one who likes it brown. My boss noticed the day after I had it colored. He was also quick to tell me that he likes it better blonde and that I needed to decided who it was better to please. The guy who signs my paycheck, or the guy I sleep with. He was kidding, but now it's probably gonna be a joke at work until I'm blonde again. In fact when I called him from the ER thursday morning he told me my reason for missing work was a pretty good excuse, but he wished I was calling to say I couldn't come in because I was getting my hair highlighted. I like my boss, and my job.

8. Spellckeck says blonde is spelled blond but paul says blonde and he's smart.

Ok, that's enough.


Bryon said...

I know this is nerdy but: Blond is used when describing a male(s) or mixed group; and Blonde is used when describing female(s) only.

Same with brunet (male) and brunette (female).

It's not a very strict rule.

Kylee Jane said...

you will always be blonde to me......I love reading your thoughts:D

RobyLynn said...

To answer your questions... I don't think you marry into a blog. This one is ANDREA'S blog. I say, if Paul wants to blog, you start a family blog or he starts his own. It may be a selfish request on my part but "It's me, Andrea" should stay how it is!