Sunday, September 20, 2009

Project 365: Week 38

September 14
It rained and rained and rained in the SLC today. I loved it. I was at work all day and it was so nice to hear and watch. I've always hated rain, and I love dry heat, but this year I'm loving the rain and looking forward to fall. As soon as it stopped this evening I went for a walk. This is my street.September 15
Did I mention that Paul is out of town this week? He is. So I took the long way home from work, and by "long" I mean I went shopping. The sky was so beautiful as the sun was setting on my drive home. This picture doesn't do it justice. And yes, exact same spot as yesterday, just zoomed in.September 16
I've been spending my evenings while Paul is gone trying to organize our spare room...turns out we just need a bigger room, or less stuff. I did pull out the Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving box(es) though. Is it too soon??September 17
Greenhalgh summer vacation! Yeah, it came a little late this year but everyone's summers were so busy so this was when we all could do it. We are at a condo in Wolf Creek. We all came up kinda late tonight and just sat in the hot tub, played games and called it a night. (Taylor and Paul in this picture.) Oh and Paul was only home from St. George for about 10 minutes and we left for this trip!September 18
What a fun day! I brought all the crafting stuff and today Laura, Neally and I stayed at the condo and crafted for hours! Mom and dad had to leave for a while for a couple prior obligations like a dr. appointment, school, and a sisters lunch to say good-bye to Aunt Shauna. And the boys went boating all morning and afternoon. We had family time later in the day, more boating, bbq and games. I think we all enjoyed the day a lot.September 19
Another fun relaxing day. Scott and Laura left late last night and Dave and Neally had to head home this afternoon, but we still had time for card playing. This afternoon mom and I made more crafts, and the boys watched football. Then we played more games, ate a lot, more games, movies, games. This is mom and dad loving each other after a crazy game of bocce ball. (that I won!)September 20
We headed home from Wolf Creek today and this afternoon got together again to hear Aunt Shauna and Uncle Doug speak at church. They leave for the MTC (Missionary Training Center) tomorrow morning. They be serving a mission in Independance Mosouri for the next 18 months for the LDS church. This isn't a great picture of my Aunt Shauna and I, but I'm kinda glad it didn't turn out well because it makes it harder to tell that we're both crying. I love her so much! And I hope Paul and I can go visit some time next year.


Elessar said...

I like what you've done with your hair!

Jill said...

You don't know me, I came over from a comment you left on SSB. HILLARIOUS!!! I hope MY comment doesn't creep you out enough to make you go "Private or anything, because I can tell I'm gonna like you just from doing a quick glance. So if you have a sitemeter (I didn't look) and you see Mesa, AZ on there for a long time, its just me! :)

P.S. LOVE the "Witch" letters-so cute! The "Shit-mas" letter project made me LOL and you should either change your profile pic or at least add to the sidebar permanently the pic of you on the "Aug. 27" post (in the airplane with the guy- I've already forgotten the name sorry, and if I go back to check I'll lose this long a** comment.) because that is a SUPER Cute pic!

That's it! End of creepy commenter comment. :)