Sunday, September 13, 2009

Project 365: Week 37

September 7
We had a family (good-bye) party tonight for my Aunt Shauna and Uncle Doug. They are going on a mission to Independence, Missouri in a couple weeks. This is their family who made it to the party. (a few are missing.) I love these two so much. So glad I got to work with Aunt Shauna for 4 years at IDFL. I started that job at a crazy time in my life and it was wonderful to see her everyday. They'll be missed and I'm sure they'll have a wonderful time...maybe Paul and I need to plan a trip...I mean they came all the way to California for our reception out there in June so it only seems right, right?September 8
I'm in a crafty mood, and looking forward to fall. Halloween is the one holiday that I don't really decorate for so I think I'll start this year. I just made this.September 9
Someone at work today asked me if I hate crafting because of my job. Nope, not yet. I made this to match a big metal flower I got at Swiss Days. Now I'm thinking its a little too big...guess I'll just save it til we have a big house. ;)September 10
Ok this is that last one I'll post this week. Paul is on call tonight so I was going to clean, but I made this instead. Kinda cute but maybe a bit overboard on witch stuff.September 11
This picture is lame. I thought all day about taking a picture of one of the many flags that were flying today but I never did. So this is a picture of a picture online. 8 years ago today. Can't believe its been that long. I was still asleep after a late night and I heard my roommate come in. She was suppose to be at work so I was confused. I heard her on the phone and the TV was on, but I couldn't figure out what was going on. I got up and she told me that someones private plane had crashed in NYC. A few seconds later I saw the second plane hit live. I knew it was a little more than a private plane. I feel like I stood there for hours just glued to the TV. My parents had recently moved back to UT from Germany and were still living in a hotel. I spent that rest of the day, (my office closed so no work) watching TV in a hotel, in shock, heartbroken, scared, confused, thankful all of my family was on American soil. God bless all who gave everything, and give everything for our nation.September 12
Utah State Fair. It really is so redneck. I love it! We spent a couple hours walking around. Went to a cool rodeo that made me really miss my Uncle Randy, bought some overpriced Seahawks and Packers fuzzy blankets and an overpriced funnel cake and headed home. Good times!September 13
Tonight we went to the Tabernacle with my family to hear Nick Vujicic. He was born without legs or arms. He's pretty amazing. Youtube him for some awesome clips or check him out here,

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