Sunday, June 21, 2009

Project 365: Week 25

June 15
Catalina Island. The first full day on the cruise we spent at Catalina. Relaxing, fun, warm. Did a little shopping, had some lunch, wandered, talked. It was fun.June 16
Next stop- Ensenada, Mexico. This is my 3rd time in 3 years that I've been to Ensenada. First 2 with Kathy, this time my hubby. Same tour guide again! ...he and his buddies remembered me and kept asking where Kathy was. We almost didn't get to go to Mexico cuz of the swine, but we lucked out and still got free money for any inconvenience. This is Paul and I at La Bufadora. Good times, and a lot of great deals of some cool knock-offs. June 17
Our day at sea. Sleeping in the sun by the pool, a lot of soft serve ice cream, buffet, buffet, buffet, naps, drinks, laughs, etc. Cruises are the perfect way to VayKay.June 18
And back to California to get ready for the reception there. This is our bedroom and Mom and Dad White's house. Interesting...but it worked!June 19
California was so fun! This really has been the best 2 weeks of my life. My mom, dad, Dave, Neally, Taylor, Scott, Laura, Aunt Barbara, Aunt Shauna, and Uncle Doug came to help celebrate. Everyone got there thursday and friday and we had a family dinner and pool party. This is my Uncle Doug and I roasting marshmallows on the pool. My in-laws have a natural gas line that they can turn on in the pool and light it on fire. It's great! I'm so glad my family and relatives came. They all helped so much and we had a blast!!!June 20
The California reception. It was beautiful. (More pics later) We had a great turn out and it was so fun meeting a ton of people who all love my husband and his family. Here's our 2 fams all together in SoCal. Perfect!June 21
Happy Father's Day Daddys! What better way to spent father's day than being at the beach with my husband, and my 2 dads. This was at Seal Beach just before the family flew home. I didn't want it to end. It was wonderful. Love these 3 men so, so much.

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