Sunday, June 14, 2009

Project 365: Week 24

June 8
We cleaned out Uncle Randy's house today. It was overwhelming, but we figured it out and got it done.June 9
These are my cute little rehearsal dinner party favors. Little chinese to-go boxes with a green and orange love stamp on the side, full of green chinese candy, chop sticks, and a fortune cookie that we ordered, personalized from us. Loved them.June 10
I couldn't live without this little notebook. We did all the wedding website checklists, google documents, every helpful thing online, but when it came right down to it. I would have given up the internet way before I'd give up this notebook.June 11
Rehearsal Dinner! Wow, we're almost there. This night was so much fun! It was great having everyone all together and the food at The Mandarin was amazing. (Sidenote: The manager over catering and parties etc. offered to buy the centerpieces I put together for this dinner so she could use them in the restaurant. I didn't sell them because we need them for California. Made me feel good though...not sure I have a good picture of them.)June 12
My Wedding Day!!! It was perfect! It rained everyday in June until my wedding day, then the clouds parted and the sun came out and it was beautiful all day. (I hear the rain came back the next day and stuck around all week.) I look at it as my Uncle Randy's wedding gift to me. Perfect! I'll probably post a wedding blog later with way more details than any of you want.
June 13
We flew to San Diego and stayed at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. It was beautiful. We spent saturday evening there, wandered around, went to dinner. They have these little biker guys with carriages hooked to the back and this is us riding through the streets in one of them. So fun!
June 14
Aww....the cruise! Relax, relax, relax. Finally!!!


RobyLynn said...

Ok, so, it's great to see your pictures. You looked awesome at your wedding!

Platt Family said...

You look so BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your flowers, wow! And your family looks so good in the picture of everyone in California, cute dresses and fun guy shirts! It all looks amazing!