Sunday, June 7, 2009

Project 365: Week 23

June 1
The viewing for Uncle Randy.
June 2
Evergreen Memorial Park in Ogden. The end of a long 7 days.
June 3
We're having candy stations at the Utah and California receptions. I bought A LOT of candy this week. This is some taffy from Taffy Town. Love that place.June 4
These are going to be hanging from an outdoor tent thing in CA. I have this vision in my mind of what I want it to look like. I'll take pictures if it's cute. (P.S. Sorry this blog has been all wedding and funeral lately.) I'll try to get a life after I'm married.)
June 5
Licensed to wed. Now it's official! (We say it's official about everything. Parents meeting parents...setting the date...sending invites...and now the marriage license. It really is official!)
June 6
Garrett family bridal shower for me. We had a ton of fun! I have a great family and got some awesome gifts. This is the beautiful quilt my mom made me. I love it! --Thanks Aunt Shauna for hosting us.
June 7
Green and white have taken over my parents house. It's getting out of control. 5 MORE DAYS!!!!


Platt Family said...

I am glad you post about your wedding, it is fun to read about! It looks as if you have worked really hard, and it is going to be beautiful!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow that quilt is Amazing! It's perfect for you too!