Thursday, August 21, 2014

Preschool prep

I know I still have two+ months of life to catch up on, but who knows when that will happen. So for now, I'm just going to do some 'real-time' blogging. Garrett starts preschool, well, pre-k, in five days. Pre-k sounds so much more official than preschool. Next year will be T-K (transitional kindergarten) and then Kindergarten. So I still have two years before it feels really real. 

Conversations I had this morning with Garrett before 9 AM. Sounding all grown up... 

Me: Garrett can you get your shoes on so we can go to Trader Joe's?
Him: No, I'll stay home and take care of Charlie.
Me: Well Charlie's coming with me too.
Him: Then I'll stay home by myself. I can put on some shoooorts. I can read a boooook. I can take a naaaap. Then I can go for a waaaalk. And walk in the streeeets. Without holding haaands. 

He drags out the last word of sentences when he's explaining or trying to convince me something's a good idea. I think I do that to Paul too. 

Me: Garrett, tomorrow is meet the teacher day. Are you so excited that we get to go to your preschool?!
Him: And you too?
(I thought he was asking for some reassurance.)
Do I said: Yeah! I get to go with you! 
Him: No, you can stay home, just I'm going by myself. 
Me: But it's not school yet, it's just to go see your classroom and meet your teacher. 
Him: I need to go find my new friends. You can stay home with Charlie and Addie. 

Then later, he said out of nowhere, "Mom, I love you. But I love my friends and my boys and my girls at school too." I said, "I love you too." And he said, "Schools are just for little kids mom. But I'll call you on my black phone, and you can call me back if I need you to pick me up." 

I'd probably be a wreck if he wasn't so excited. (And I'm still a little nervous about how he'll act when he knows I'm really leaving him there.) But it's a happy/sad feeling, watching them grow up right before your eyes. And I know he'll just get more busy, involved, and independent from here. 

Also, I found out today that we had last years supply list so we needed a couple more things. And also, that he'll be at school for lunch time even though he's only half day. So we had to pick out a lunch box, too. Taking lunch to school and not having me there to force the vegis?! How will I make it... 

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