Thursday, September 5, 2013

Visitors, birthdays...Playing catch-up.

When I get discouraged about not making scrapbooks, or falling so behind on blogs, or all my unorganized photos, I try and remind myself that at least I'm doing something to document our sometimes busy, sometimes boring, sometimes challenging, sometimes exciting lives.  Probably more than most people.  And even doing a little is enough right now.  I just flipped through my phone pictures (BTW, it still bugs me that I never take real camera pictures) and there was something like 700 pictures from events from that past two weeks that haven't been blogged about yet. Don't worry, although all my posts are photo heavy, I won't bore you with all 700 pictures, just trying to hurry and catch up on the fun things!

My father in law turned 50 on August 16th.  I know, he's a young one.  We planned a surprise party for him and it went off without a hitch.  We ordered the main dish and dessert and I did all the side dishes and decorations.  We had a "One foot in the grave/Older than dirt" party, so it was fitting that we had the celebration at our friend's cemetery.  50 of Phil's closest friends and family members were there to surprise him with us.  His brother from Colorado, his best friend from Seattle, and my brother from St. George, just to name a few.  Taylor and Samira and baby Will showing up was even a surprise to me!

 I never get sick of sleeping baby pictures.  And this party wiped Addie out!
The next day, (Saturday) we went to Downtown Disney.  We got over half the way there when Taylor and Samira realized they forgot to move Williams back up oxygen from one car to the other so we had to go back home.  It was just one little moment where I saw how hard they work to care for their son.  There's so much to remember, pack up, pull, carry, all. the. time.  They're so good with him.  We were talking about them coming down for Thanksgiving and the determining factor for how long they'll stay was how many oxygen tanks they can fit in their car.  It's just overwhelming what some parents (and children) do everyday that I don't even think about with my own kids.  Feeling blessed, and thankful that William has the great parents he does.
 The Lego store and remote control cars.

 "Up" is William's favorite movie, and the artist went above and beyond to include so many details.  Taylor mentioned here how great it is to finally be doing things that 'normal' families do.  Again, something I never think about.

That night we went swimming at the in-laws and had dinner.  William entertained us all with his oxygen tube tricks.
  Addie and Garrett could not get enough of their cousin.  They'd even follow him when he was going to get his diaper changed.  When it was quiet or I couldn't find them, it was safe to say they were in the guest room checking on William.

It was a busy weekend and went by too fast, but it was so great to have them here.  Looking forward to a longer visit soon.

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Heidi Rogers said...

So precious. I saw some similarities between Garrett and Will in that photo where they're both looking up! So cute. So glad you guys had that time together.