Friday, September 6, 2013

A week with Mimi and Papa.

My parents came out for a week at the end of August.  I checked the weather a couple days before they were coming.  It was supposed to be 81 the day they arrived and 82 every single day after that.  Turns out there may be something wrong with my weather app, because I don't think we saw anything below 95, and several days we broke 100.  And it was humid.  And it was in the upper 80's when it was dark outside.  But it didn't stop us from doing anything we had planned.  We just found a lot of sprinklers and fountains along the way.  

The came in on a Friday night, and Saturday I had two parties I'd committed to help with so that day was full.

In the afternoon it was a Minnie Mouse themed birthday for a one year old.

Then the kids went home for naps and I went on to help set up the next party.  My friend Kim, (who was friends with Paul in college, and then friends with my brother, Taylor, through BIOLA/WSU Mormon/Evangelical dialog conferences and missions trips, and then I finally got to meet her a couple years after that) had an American Citizenship party from her British husband who recently became a US citizen.  She did a great job and it was so much fun.  Paul had a Lion's Club party that night, so he went to that and my parents brought the kids to this party (because they knew Kim before I did, too).

 Jonny's in the middle and two of his brothers were here from England to help him celebrate.

Monday we went to the circle of Orange and wandered around.  Played in the fountain there.  Then went to the train station for lunch and played in that fountain too.  It was too hot that day, and it was kind of a bust.  But the kids seemed to have fun.

 They met a friend at the train station and had fun playing with him.  Until I told Garrett we had to go home for naps.  He went over to his friend and calmly explained that he had to go home now for a nap.  The boy DID NOT want him to go, and it turned into a back and forth 'arguement'.  "Don't go take a nap!"  Yes!  I'm going home to take a nap!"  "No!" "Yes!" "NO!" "YES!" "NOOO!"  "YEEEES!"  For a minute I thought I should step in and break it up, but Garrett was holding his own and they were cracking each other up.  When Addie saw that their friend wasn't getting it, she took over the YES/NO battle.  But she couldn't stop laughing.
My mom and I went and got Pedicures while the kids napped.

We went to Newport Beach. 

 Garrett looks so old here I think.
 Addie was being a sea monster.

 So hot and so tired, but not wanting to leave.
That night we went to the Street Market in Huntington Beach.  I was riding in the back of the van and Addie wanted to hold hands.  I couldn't reach, so she settled for a toe.

We went to Knott's Berry Farm.

 Addie wasn't tall enough for the log ride, so we watched from the side.

 We went on the old train ride and some cowboy 'bandits' came in the car and instructed us all to put our hands up.  Addie was very obedient and didn't cause any trouble during the 'robbery'.  

 Garrett was a lot more brave this time.  Tried new rides and went on more kid ones by himself.

 It was so hot that day, so hot.  We splashed a lot in the fountains, and soaked these bandanas every chance we got.  Still really fun though!
And of course we ended the day with Dots at Knott's.
We went to see Planes.  Garrett was glued to the screen the whole time and loved it.  Addie ate snacks and was facing the back of the theater just about the whole time.

We went to the Parnell Park zoo, but spent most of the time looking for shade and water to play in.

We're hoping the next visit is a little cooler!

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