Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm thankful (I guess) ;)

I had a rough Thanksgiving. I think it was mostly rough for me because it was rough for both of my kids. I had also spent 2 weeks looking at thanksgiving as the almost end of my mom's visit to California. And the thought of taking care of both kids all day was a little too much for me to handle. I also missed my brothers and their wives who weren't here, and my aunt and uncle who were hosting in Utah this year. I was homesick and tired and had 2 tired, fussy kids all day. I didn't eat hardly anything, and I was just happy to see it end.

In the middle of the night that night when I was feeding Addison, I started to feel bad that my attitude ruined my day, and probably rubbed off on Paul and the kids. So I sat in bed holding my baby and thought about all I'm thankful for, and it's a lot.

I also let my mind wander a bit to this idea that I wish God would have had. Paul never hears me and Addie up at night, she's not loud and we have a good, quiet feeding routine. I sometimes get jealous as he sleeps peacefully. I had this awesome idea that dad's should grow boobs when the baby is born, and they should last for one year. That way the mom's body would not be in charge of EVERY DANG THING (boo hoo), and when a dead beat guy knocks up some girl and then denies it and disappears, 9 months later he'll grow boobs! There will be no way to hide it. I'm a genius.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I'm even pretty grateful for these big dang feeders.

I'm thankful for Garrett. He's becoming such a big boy. He's so smart. He's so happy. And he's so patient. I've had several people lately remind me to really enjoy this time because it goes by so fast. I realize how true that really is as each day goes by.

I'm thankful for Paul. Even though we've been at each other all day today. He's taking the rest of his paternity leave this week now that my mom is gone. I'm constantly reminding him as he claps for no reason, sings, bangs dishes, and rough houses with Garrett, that there's a baby sleeping. Today we reminisced (I made him) about the time he broke up with me before we were even dating. I was laughing about it and I think I was driving him crazy. By the end we were both laughing. He's my best friend, and it's so awesome to have that in a spouse.

I'm thankful for supportive family. Both sides are so in love with our kids and it's awesome. My mom keeps me grounded and always knows what I need to hear. She's also the practical gift giver. She's probably bought 2000 diapers in the past year and a half. And both kids come home in a new outfit just about every time they're with Grandma White.

I'm thankful for Addison. She's a good one. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks, and I have already (almost) forgotten how life was without her.

I'm thankful for Paul's job. And also Paul's dedication to his job. And even though I give him a hard time about knowing someone everywhere we go, and about being involved in so many organizations in the community, I grateful that he's so good at interacting with people and that people really like him. Last week at the Lion's club they announced Addie's birth. They then did the tradition of passing a hat to collect money to help us with baby expenses. The man in charge who gave Paul the money said he's never seen that much money given for a new baby. I know it's because Paul is such a people person, and the Lions really love him.

I'm thankful for the Lion's Club. :)

I'm thankful for technology. It's pretty amazing that I can send pictures to my mom in just seconds of what Garrett is up to. That's pretty awesome.

I'm thankful for good people. (In this case I'm referring to the Mormons.) We became friends with a Mormon couple here in California. (Maybe someday I'll write a post about how that all came about.) But they're good people. Tonight was the start of a week of dinners coming in from members of the Mormon church, most of whom we've never met.

I'm thankful for showers.

I'm thankful for naps.

I'm thankful for good friends.

I'm thankful for nice weather.

I'm thankful to finally see leaves changing colors!

I'm thankful for the holiday season.

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Melanie said...

Hope life keeps getting a little bit better. My first Thanksgiving with a 6 day old was horrid. Hopefully, I won't have another one that bad. They've all been better since then!