Saturday, November 26, 2011

the first 10 days

Addison has been with us for 10 days. So far it hasn't been too tough at all. But Grammy Greenhalgh has been Garrett's pretty much full-time caretaker/playmate for the past 10 days, as well as our housekeeper and chef, and that has made a world of difference. But family all left today. And I forgot that it's Paul's on call weekend and he has to be in the office all day today. So I'm on my own with two kids.

But here's a little update on how it's been so far.

We only stayed in the hospital one night. I thought for sure we'd stay two. But after the first 24 hours, Addie and I were both doing fine, I missed Garrett, and I didn't see the point in staying 24 more just to have a nurse come check my temperature every couple hours. So we left.

Night one at home was exhausting. Addie was up most of it and so was I. But that's normal I guess. When we left the hospital Addie was slightly Jaundiced so the doc told us to check in with our Ped the next day. I scheduled the appointment with a new Ped that I wanted to meet. I took Garrett too, because he'd had a night time cough for a few nights that I wanted to make sure wasn't serious. Garrett is fine. And Addie was down from 7 lbs. 9 oz. to 6 lbs. 14 oz. but no Jaundice. I really liked the new pediatrician. He's in the same office as our old one. And as I was scheduling the follow up, I saw Dr. N (old ped). I did the awkward half look down/turn sideways move, and when I finished I quickly exited another way. I should have just talked to him, but I didn't have it in me. I felt like I was cheating on him.

We went back 6 days later just for a weight check for Addie. She was up to 7 lbs. 14 oz. A pound in 6 days!

So that's when I stopped wondering if she was getting enough from me. Nursing is going well. It's still tough, but a totally different and much better experience than with Garrett. She latched on within minutes of being born, and did not let go. So much so in the first 10 hours, that she did some damage early on to me, so I've been feeding with a shield til I heal. But the girl has an awesome latch and we're on a great schedule.

She eats every 3 hours, and sleeps a lot between feedings. If she has a sleepy feeding I pump for a few minutes after, but so far, that's been about once a day. I got a clogged milk duct again, in the exact same place as with Garrett. I fed and pumped often the first couple days to get that to clear out and avoid infection, and its gone now. I'm not one to stick to a real ridged schedule. If baby is hungry I'll feed her, if she's tired, she can sleep. But so far, I'm living life in 3 hour blocks and it's working.

She's a good baby. She sleeps really well at night. 3 of the past 4 nights I've had to wake her twice each night to eat between midnight and 8AM. She eats, burps, and falls right back to sleep until I wake her for the next feeding. Paul never even hears us. I feel spoiled, and although it's really nice, I'm not planning on it lasting, but I'm enjoying it for now.

I didn't think it was possible to have a baby that cried less that Garrett did as a new born, but it happened. She's not a crier. She fusses a little during the day when it's close to meal time. She fusses sometimes after feedings if we're not getting a burp fast enough, she sometimes hates diaper changes, and sometimes she gets the hiccups that bother her. Other than that she's a content little angel.

Both kids had a rough Thanksgiving. We spent too much time away from home. Garrett missed his first nap, and Addie didn't sleep much all day. We had a couple interrupted feedings and Garrett wouldn't eat lunch. They both hated life for a couple hours, (and so did I). But we got home and got back on track, and we've decided we're not having long stretches away from home for the next few weeks.

Garrett is doing ok. He's seemed sad a few times. Paul and I took him on a date a few days ago. We did a little shopping, went to lunch, then did a little more shopping and let him pick a new toy. That made him happy. I'm realizing he really needs time alone with us. It'll probably be either Paul OR I taking him out alone, but I think that time is going to be important for him to feel loved and not forgotten. He's curled up and just cried a few times since she's been born and it makes me so sad. For the most part he's ok with his sis. He usually smiles, laughs, and points at her. He pats her head. Sometimes too hard, but he's learning "be soft" really well. Quite often, he wants what she has. The kid has never taken a pacifier in his life, but because Addie has one, he has to have one, and he usually wants hers. He's tried to drag a blanket out from under her several times. In his defense, it's his blanket, but it's so cozy and perfect for her. So Grammy G went and bought him a new one. Although we've had our little challenges with him, I somehow love him even more since Addie was born. He's so awesome.

Well, that's all I got for now. I figured I better post this before I get too far into being on my own, because I might feel totally different in a week or two... I'll let ya know.

Also, here's a few pictures. They were taken at the hospital by a photographer that does pics of all the newborns. I for sure would have not bought them, but my father in law stopped by to bring me lunch right as the pictures were happening, and of course he bought the whole package for us. She was 18 hours old in these shots. I kind of think she's darling and perfect.


ErinandShane said...

Um, I really like that outfit! Those pictures are cuter than I would have expected (sometimes new borns are still alien just have cute kids).

Jord and Jenn said...

She is such a doll Andrea!!! Love the pics. Glad things are going good for you.

Platt Family said...

So excited for your little family! She is so darling, I can't stand it! Oh man i need a girl! Enjoy her!