Friday, November 11, 2011


This post has nothing to do with the date really, but its a cool date so I used it. Oh, and it's Paul's birthday!

We had breakfast this morning with all of Paul's co-workers and family. Then me, my mom and G went on a walk. We got some yummy produce at the farmer's market and then we happened to walk by the library where they were having a huge used book sale. All the children's books were 25 cents! We must have bought 40 or 50. Sweet!

Paul is out golfing right now with his new fancy schmany putter that his dad bought him. My mom and I bought him a smoker, (he REALLY wants to get into smoking meat). After Garrett's nap we're gonna head out for smoker supplies, even though we have no clue what he needs.

My mom's working on some sewing projects, I'm blogging, tonight we're all going to dinner for Paul's birthday.

...can you tell it's 'waiting for baby time'??

Surprisingly, I've had no feelings of "I'm done being pregnant." I'm kind of glad. I think part of it is that it's cool here now and being hot makes me want to not be pregnant. And the main thing I think is that I've had weekly massages since I was 14 weeks, and I've been going to the chiropractor regularly as well. I feel really good. I'm not comfortable by any means, but I'm not miserable. The only reason I feel I've entered the constantly wondering time is just because my mom is already here. But we're staying busy and we're having fun having nothing we have to do, so it's ok. I went to the doc yesterday and everything is fine. I lost a pound this week which kind of surprised me but the doc said it was ok.

Here's a couple things I've done to stay busy, all thanks to the new ultimate time-sucker, Pinterest. I'm not going to link to where I found the ideas like pinterest asks me to, but here are my boards if you want to find them yourself.

I have these old hat boxes that I've almost gotten rid of several times. They had ugly patterns on them and a lot of the color had faded. Then I saw some just like mine painted just like this. So I did it. Quick and easy and a totally new look. Love them.I organized my cleaning supplies with a shoe rack on our water heater closet door. I've had nightmares about Garrett drinking cleaning supplies, and now I don't have to worry until he can open a door. Plus I love seeing what I have. When its stacked under the sink I can never find what I need.Remember these TOMS I painted? I've only worn them a time or two and the toes had already gotten dirty. And I didn't ever LOVE them. So I did this with strips of fabric and a little no-sew fabric glue. They turned out better than I thought they would!So that's what is going on here. Just enjoying my boys, being creative, and loving the cool weather, having my mom here.

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