Saturday, October 15, 2011

Long Utah Visit (the second half)

The Wednesday before the wedding we headed to St. George. Most of my sister in laws family is from there and that's where she wanted to go through the temple for the first time. Garrett and I and one of Samira's nephews hung out at the hotel while everyone went to the temple, then I took Garrett to a pharmacy. He finished his steroid just in time for the next thing, a spider bite. It's one thing after another with this kid! The pharmacist assured me it wasn't a serious spider bite and that if Garrett was under 2, there was nothing he could give us over the counter. He didn't have a fever, and the bite didn't seem to bother him, so we just left it alone and sure enough, it faded and has been nothing to worry about. Wednesday was also Garrett's official 'Done with the Doc Band' day!Thursday we grabbed breakfast and drove back to Bountiful. (St. George wasn't bad, but poor G was so over long stretches in the car seat that maybe everyone would have been happier if he and I had not gone. Oh well.) Thursday afternoon/evening/night/and well into friday morning was busy busy busy! Baking, prepping for the wedding lunch, making center pieces for the wedding lunch and the reception, a shower that evening at Samira's friends house... It was a long day/night.I slept for a couple of hours, then my mom and I headed to her church to set up and decorate for the lunch. I did some more cooking after that. Then the festivities began. It was a cold day. Mormon weddings are pretty much an all day event, and can be exhausting. But Taylor and Samira were really happy and things went well.Uncle Scott warming up those poor little frozen fingers.
The lunch centerpieces.The wanna-be MC.Garrett flirting with his future wife...she's kinda not into him.Some snuggle time for G and B in between events.My handsome little guy at the reception. (I know, there's about 10 times more pictures of him than the bride and groom...and anyone else for that matter.)My SIL, Laura and I, showing off the flower/peacock feather/hair...things...Love me some happy baby on a long, busy day.Garrett and his favorite person. I think I've mentioned that I don't exist when Grandma Greenhalgh is around. It's ok, I don't mind the trade off when I think of all the diapers I DON'T change when we're with her, and all the sleeping in I get to do.Another try with Baby B, still not going so well.
After the wedding, G went home with Grandma and Grandpa, and Paul and I went for a late dinner with Katie and Jordon. They spent the day with us even though they don't know Taylor all that well because Jordon and Paul wanted to see each other and Paul was only in town for the day, so the wedding was the only option. It was great having them with us. And my mom is the Utah Grandma for baby B.

Early the next morning Paul was on a plane home. I took a 4 hour nap after dropping him off, and I think I stayed in my pajamas that day until 5 or 6 PM.

Sunday was also a pretty low key, nap kind of day. That evening I went to dinner with Mara, Kate, and Deb, as well as babies G, C, and B. 4 adults and 3 babies was a big change from the 8 adults and 2 babies our group is used too, so we headed to Kate's after dinner and let Jordon and Erik entertain the kids for a while.Monday Garrett and I hit all the Utah stores that I miss, and I got in the holiday spirit. A couple months ago I went through ALL my seasonal decor bins. Got rid of old stuff, organized stuff I'm keeping, and labeled all the bins really well. So I rewarded myself in Utah with a couple new decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Tuesday Garrett and I got to have lunch with my dear friend Dana and her sweet baby J. (Dana and I met in our birth class, and we've remained friends. Our boys are 3 weeks apart.) Dana's one of those friends that makes living in California hard.Tuesday night was dinner with Scott and Laura. A little more shopping with Laura. Then packing up for an early start Wednesday morning.

My mom drove back with me and G. I love supportive parents. The drive up from CA was long and exhausting and I didn't have enough confidence in my 8 month pregnant self to make it alone with G. We stayed the night in Vegas. Took G to the (cold) pool. I only put my feet in and it took my breath away. I thought G would hate it, but the second his toes touched the water he plopped right in and loved every minute of it.I guess I never realized how observant my little boy is when I'm getting ready everyday. As soon as my mom opened her suitcase he pulled her curling iron and brush out and started "brushing" and "curling" his own hair.Thursday we were back on the road and made it home that afternoon. My mom watched G while Paul and I went on a date. (Paul cleaned the WHOLE house for when I got home, and brought flowers to me and my mom when he got off work. Love him.)

And friday morning the 2 week adventure came to an end, and my mom was on a plane home. It went by fast and was a great trip, but I really missed Paul. This will probably be the last trip in a while that I go solo. (I can't fly alone with 2 lap infants and I won't drive alone with 2.)

Last night I filled out my dry erase calendar on the fridge for the next month, and I'm so happy that aside from physical therapy, my dr appointments, massages, and the chiropractor, there's no trips and nothing big to do (besides have a baby) until Christmas. I'm looking forward to quality time with my boys, the arrival of 2.0, and having my family in town for Thanksgiving.

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Heidi said...

I have totally been meaning to ask you if you've driven between UT/CA solo. I was planning to do it in December, but I think Daniel will be able to come with me. It makes me nervous. Glad you had a nice trip!