Monday, February 21, 2011

When there's too much to cach up on, I number things.

1. I failed the CA drivers test. I missed questions about transferring titles, fines for fleeing the scene of an accident, and rules for smoking while driving. All things that I don't feel I need to know anyway. I should have just put N/A on all of those ones, maybe I woulda passed then. I came home and took the online practice test and got 49 outta 50. I guess I should have practiced before. Anyway, I went back the next day and passed just fine, but not before having a nightmare that the state installed scales in all the DMVs and we all suddenly had to start telling the truth about our weight.

2. Our good friends Kate and Jordon came to visit for the weekend. It was good to have them out. The boys went golfing. The girls went to lunch and shopping, Kate bought me 2 pairs of shoes for my birthday at a super cute shoe store that we discovered right by my house! We went to dinner. We went to the La Brea tar pits and saw fossils from like 40,000 years ago, pretty fascinating, Went to the LA art museum. Went to lunch. Did more shopping. Went to dinner. (I think there was only one meal all weekend that we didn't eat out.) Went to the beach. Went on walks. Had a BBQ at the in-laws for my birthday. It was a good weekend. We miss these two a lot! (Click on collage to make it bigger.)3. We bought a Beaba Babycook to make baby food. I still haven't opened it because I'm deciding if I can do it myself with a pan, the stove and our Magic Bullet. The thing I love about the Babycook is that its all in one. It steams and purees and it also thaws and reheats. (Yes, like a microwave does too.) It was $150.00 at Babies R Us online, but I found one location in the area that had one in their store. I had a 20% off coupon from we got in the mail with a gift my aunt had shipped to us that was in-store use only. I didn't think they'd let me use it because it rang up as an online item, but they did an override and took 20% off (I love it when that happens), we had also received a $20.00 R Us gift card from a family in Utah that Paul did a funeral for, so with that we only paid $100.00. Still a lot, and I'm still deciding...4. And about that $20.00 gift card, that was the 5th family that Paul had done a funeral for who gave us a gift. We've received clothes, toys, books, gift cards, and even a hand-made sweater and blanket. And the same day the gift card arrived, a family who Paul's dad had served here in California dropped off 3 outfits and a big stuffed Mickey Mouse at the funeral home for Garrett. None of these people have ever met Garrett or myself. I dunno, I just find it interesting...I don't know that I would be so thoughtful. Maybe it helps people who are grieving a loss to celebrate a new life?? Anyway, its very sweet and appreciated!5. Garrett has started sitting up on his own! He did it for the first time yesterday. I was sitting at a table and I had him sitting on the table leaning against me. He suddenly just leaned forward and was sitting up on his own. As he'd slowly start to tip to one side he'd use his little baby core muscles and straighten himself back up! It was pretty cute to watch. The most he stayed up was about 20 seconds, and hes definitely not at the point where I'd put him down and expect him to stay sitting for too long, but its a fun milestone for mamas!6. Mara sent me a fun birthday package in the mail, and a book and onesie for Garrett. Its a keepsake book, a really old children's book that has been bound and extra blank pages added for coloring/writing. Really cute, and me and Mara love us some dinos!7. I pulled these flowers out of the garbage, they were thrown away after a funeral. Is that weird??8. I want an aquarium. I had one a few years ago and I really liked it. Garrett was so fascinated by the fishies, it made me want to get one. Probably not soon, maybe for his 1st birthday.Now I'm off to wash bedsheets and clean house the the next visitors who get here Thursday morning!

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maranoelle said...

soo jealous that j & k (+0) got to see you guys!! i'm glad to hear you had a blast, though. phone date tomorrow! love you.