Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The Superbowl is a big deal in the White family. Especially is the Packers are playing. So Sunday I was a Packers fan, the other 364? Seahawks . I'm accepting that Garrett doesn't stand a chance when it comes to choosing a team, I think the Packer fans outnumber me...I'm starting to accept it.

I love Superbowl Sunday. I love all the details of a good party, especially if a team I care about is playing, or a team I hate. And when it comes to hating an NFL team, the Steelers are at the top of my list. So Sunday was a win/win.

I was in charge of the healthy stuff (green salads, fruit bowls, vegi trays), appetizers (spinach artichoke dip and 7 layer bean dip), and dessert (cupcakes, sugar cookies, muddy buddies, caramel popcorn) and my mother-in-law made the sheet cookie with the G on it. My father-in-law did the sides and the meat. Cole slaw, baked beans, potatoes, garlic bread, corn on the cob, crackers and cheese, ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, smoked wild turkey, elk steaks, chicken wings,tri -tip steak, and salmon... I think I remembered everything. One person described it like a Brazilian restaurant. A buffet of endless sides, and meat that just kept coming, and coming, and coming... I think I overheard that there was over 50 lbs. of meat cooked for the occasion.We watched the game at the funeral home. It was perfect. A chapel with a 50 something inch flat screen and a reception room with a buffet table and round tables to eat at as well as a projector with the game on in there too. Speakers through out the building, tons to eat and drink and 40+ people coming in and out. Oh, and a win for the Packers. Success!!!On a separate but related note, Paul's grandma passed away a month ago. She was in Colorado and didn't want a funeral, she wanted a party. So yesterday was he perfect day because she was also a hug football/Packers fan. An hour before the game Phil did a toast to his mom. He explained everything in the picture below. The donuts because of her huge love of donuts. The toilet paper and butter because she only agreed to marry her husband if he promised that no matter how poor they were, they'd always have soft toilet paper and real butter, and the Packers gnome and her remains. It was short and sweet. We all raised a glass (mug), had a drink and went out back and shattered the mugs. Then we watched the best Superbowl ever, ate a lot and had a great time.GO PACKERS!!!

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Crystal said...

I love it....celebrating the Superbowl in a funeral home. Now that is making memories. :-) But seriously that spread of food was amazing. That is how the Superbowl should be celebrated. I wish I would have been invited...sniff, sniff :-) Also, what a neat "party" for Grandma. I am sure she was celebrating her life with you guys.