Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finally, an almost spring weekend!

Friday night we went with my brother Taylor to The Olive Garden to "carbo load." We were doing an 1/8 marathon (5K) Saturday morning and we (pretend like we) take 5Ks very seriously.

Saturday we got up way too early and headed for Gardener Village for the race. It was cold and I asked myself why I actually show up for these things. They can have my money whether or not I'm there, so why don't I just pay the entry fee and stay in bed?? Maybe next time. Anyway, we did it. And finished. (I think I won...I can't remember...) Then we went and canceled out our efforts at the Belgian Waffle House. Then I went home and took a short 4 hour nap. My legs hurt so bad. It was crazy! (And they still hurt.) I finally got up and did some laundry and grocery shopping. We bought a little gas grill and we barbecued that night. It was delicious. I love these warmer evenings and look forward to cooking out, walks and picnics! Aww, Spring!

Today was a good day. Church. Lunch with some church friends. Grandpa's for his birthday. Mom and dad's for their anniversary. And then a concert at the Madeleine.

And no work tomorrow. I love my new 3 day weekend schedule.

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