Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why I love Paul: Reason # 2,847

So...things have been stressful lately. Don't panic. Paul and I are fine and in love, but everything in life is a little stressful. I won't bore you with the details, but I really need a vacation. I guess I shouldn't complain because we're going on one pretty soon, but not soon enough. In 18 days we're going to California over Christmas. But that seems so far away. I've been really feeling like we need some us time. So, my amazing Paul and his amazing dad talked, and pulled a couple strings, and tomorrow night we're flying to California until Sunday. I know it's not really for me. But I know Paul is under a lot of stress and I know he knows I'm under a lot of stress, and he's just so aware of me and what I am going though, and he's so sensitive about how I feel...etc... So, I don't really know what the 2,847th reason why I love him is. It's either, He's taking me to Cali for some pre-Christmas down time, OR, He has an amazing Dad and amazing family, and the family of the person you love is oh so important, OR, He's so aware of how I'm feeling and what I need. I guess it's all of the above. So that's #s, 2,847 - 2,848 - 2,849...I could go on and on...I really love him. I love you, Paul.

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kim said...

you are so crazy in love. sickening.