Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Holiday Fun, times 3.

Last night was the end of a crazy busy weekend of fun with the family. Everything was with Paul and my family. So when I say 'we', that's who.

Friday night we hung out at my parents house and made a ton of sugar cookies and ginger bread cookies. We also put gingerbread house kits together to get prepped for Saturday. We had an all day ginger bread house decorating party at the parents. None of us could go at the same time so they just had everything out all day and we could come when we wanted. Paul and I had a free day so we were there from 10:30am til 10:30pm. Dave and Neally came in the morning, Taylor and his friend Kristin were there in the afternoon, and Scott and Laura came at night. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures of anyone but Paul and I. Oopsie.

David had gone duck hunting early that morning and thought it would be hilarious to do this to my car.
I thought it was not very hilarious.

Mom and I took a little shopping break and went to Robert's craft store. We just happen to get there for the 1 hour sale. 70% off Christmas stuff! I love a good deal.

Here's the house pictures I got.
When we left my parents house that night we say 7 DEER one street over. I made Paul follow them. This is the best picture I got...only 4, buy I promise there were 7. Seeing those deer made me feel even more sad for that poor duck. :(
Yesterday we went to Logan for a Interfaith Benefit Concert that Taylor was singing in at the Logan Tabernacle. Fortunately the snow was pretty much done by the time we had to drive up there, I was a little worried when I got up!


Randi said...

You were in Logan yesterday and you didn't call us!? Sad day. Do you hate me? I have made some attempts to contact you and no response....Where is the love?

kim said...

That poor duck:(