Sunday, January 11, 2015

Yearly predictions: 2014 re-cap, and guesses for 2015

Hundreds have been asking, so here it is!  Just kidding.  One person asked.  One of my three readers is waiting for this post. 

Disclaimer: I came up with my January and February predictions in December.  So maybe it's my own fault that I had sick kids.  And I'll take credit for the Seahawks being well on their way to another Super bowl win.

Here are my 2014 predictions and what actually happened:

January- Paul gets a raise.

I got that one right!

February- We figure out how to fit another kid and create an office space for Paul, and we do some painting/rearranging.  (This may take a miracle.) We take a small family of four trip before baby.

We actually got started on this in January.  Talked my FIL into giving up a storage room.  Turned that into a craft room.  Turned my craft room into a shared big kids room. Turned Addie's old room into an office.  Turned Garrett's old room into Charlie's room.  And it's all worked out great.  I got this one kind of right because we worked on it January till well into March.  We didn't take a trip in February.

March- People tell me I look more than 9 months pregnant.  Scott and Laura announce they are pregnant.

I don't remember getting any unusual comments and I felt pretty good up until our car accident at 36 weeks (March 1st.)  Then I was in unbearable pain till Charlie came. Jordon and Kate came to visit and were in the accident with us.  We took a family of four trip to Palm Dessert.  My mom came to help me because my rib dislocation got too painful.  We had the biggest earthquake I've experienced here, 5.1.  And hundreds of aftershocks. Several during labor and that terrified me. Charlie was born on March 30th, one day past due.  No announcement from Scott and Laura.  But Taylor and Samira announced #2 was on the way. 

April- Baby #3 is born.  Taylor and Samira announce they are pregnant.

Both of these came early.  April was spend adjusting to sweet Charlie, which was pretty easy.  I spent a lot of time researching and stressing about preschool for Garrett.  I started attending a nursing support group at the hospital every week and made some amazing new friends.

May- The rest of April and May are a blur. (I already know I got that one right.)  We try really hard to make it to SLC for great strides. 

May wasn't really a blur.  Life was really good.  We made it to SLC for great strides, and I got asked by the head organizer if I'd be willing to do a sweets booth again.  At first I said no, but then I worked my butt off for two weeks and did it.  With a 7 week old!  It was really fun, and much better weather than the year before. Garrett and Addie stayed in Utah an extra week with my mom and dad.

June- June is also a blur.  We get the older two in swim lessons.

I guess it was a bit of a blur because I don't remember much.  We didn't start swim lessons in June.  Garrett had a week long mystery fever and made a couple ER visits.  Addie was sick to, but we didn't need any doc visits for her.  I stressed most of the month about keeping Charlie away from the sickies.

July- We go on a White Family trip.

Wrong.  We actually had what I called 'The White Family Summit' at a hotel back in January.  We all discussed personal goals, family goals, and business goals.  It was a bit overwhelming, followed by a few difficult months.  So I think we just called that weekend our 'yearly trip'.  We did a surprise trip to Utah to see my Grandpa as the Grand Marshal in the Centerville 4th of July parade.  No one knew we were coming and it was the best surprise, and a great weekend.

August- We go on a Greenhalgh family trip.  My older brother David gets engaged. 

The Greenhalgh trip was end of July into August in Big Bear California.  It was a great week.  Garrett started school the end of August.  We also did swimming lessons in August. No engagement from Dave.

September- Garrett starts preschool.

Almost right.  And Addie and I (and Charlie) started a Mommy and Me class and we love it.  The big kids started tumbling, and we're three sessions in now because every time they 'graduate' they get so sad it's over.  (They've mastered the 3-4 yo class, so last week the teacher asked us and Ryan's parents if we'd like to move all of them up to the 5 yo class.) 

October- We slowly start the house shopping process and sell our extra car that we never drive.

We are always looking at houses and getting overwhelmed.  We sold our car in April.  Easiest sell ever.  A man left a note on it asking if we wanted to sell it.  We called him and he bought it the next day for our asking price.

November- We go to Utah for Thanksgiving.  David gets married. 

We did go to Utah for Thanksgiving.  Dave did not get married.  I also did a big birthday party for Addie and it was so much fun.

December- We go on an unplanned trip.  Like a cruise or something we win. 

Wrong.  December was super busy and really fun.  School parties and programs, family outings, a North Pole party with friends, and Christmas here in California.  My parents, aunt Barbara, Taylor and Samira and their boys came out the day after Christmas and everyone got sick!

And here are my guesses for 2015.

January- After a healthy run for the month of December, we have sick kids in January.  I tell Paul I'm not going to do a big party for Charlie's 1st in March. The Seahawks knock the Packers out of the Playoffs.

February- I turn 35 and spend a lot of money on getting old, like dental work and glasses.  The Seahawks win the Super bowl.

March- I do a big party for Charlie's 1st.  The Elberts visit.  We take a trip to Colorado.

April- Paul gets a raise. 

May- We go to Utah for Great Strides.  The Riddles visit.

June- Garrett starts some type of summer sports program.  Scott and Laura announce they are pregnant.

July- The kids take swimming lessons.  We go on a Greenhalgh trip.

August- We buy a new car.  Two big kids start pre-k and t-k.

September- Charlie and I start a Mommy and Me class.  (Oh the thought of just one little one a couple times a week!)  Garrett has a small birthday party, either lego or dinosaur themed.  (Curious to see if his requests are the same in a few months.)

October- We go out of town for some unexpected reason.

November- We start a serious house hunt with the goal of getting into a home early 2016.  Addie turns four and we don't have a friend party.  (Garrett and Addie's birthdays are too close and I need to come up with an every other year/every couple of years plan where they don't get jealous.)

December- I do another North Pole party. Paul gets a huge Christmas bonus and we take our kids on a Disney cruise.  Taylor and Samira announce a surprise pregnancy.  (They say they are done, but my predictions about them have been right more than once.)


Heidi Rogers said...

I love your predictions posts. I can't believe how accurate you can be!

Heidi Rogers said...

Although you forgot to predict somewhere in there "the Rogers come down and we finally all have healthy kids and get to meet at the park." haha