Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Busy, busy, December... Part 1

Isn't there a love song that says, something about it being over before it begun?  ...yes, Celine Dion, When I fall in Love. Ok, Nat King Cole, but also Celine.  Anyway, that's how I felt about December!  I remember doing a felt nativity scene advent calendar as a child. Feeling every day like it took soooo looong to get to the next day so we could take another piece from it's pocket, and it seeming like there were a thousand little pieces, each representing a day of December.  What I would have given for a couple of those slow, endless days/weeks this last month! 

Around new years I told Paul, I have to sit down and make a list of everything I want to do different next year so I can plan better, fit more, manage time easier, stress less.  Now I can't remember any of it, except, buy it when you see it!  I'm kicking myself about a hat I wanted to get Paul and an ornament I wanted to get Addie that were gone by the time I got to stocking shopping.  Note to self: Things sell out quick, and all month feels like Black Friday in California. 

Anyway, here's a start of the wonderful month we had.

As soon as we got home from Utah, I was in food prep/décor mode for two nights of candle light services at the mortuary.  We got home Monday night, and the services were Wednesday and Thursday.
  Garrett had his first Christmas program at school.  All during November his teacher told me how nervous he was and how he would often want to sit by her and not stand on stage.  I was a little worried about the program.  Dress rehearsal, the day of, went ok.  Not a lot of actions, and very soft singing, but no crying or leaving the stage.  And that night he was much more animated.  Did the actions, smiled, and sang.  I told my mom how funny it is to watch moms (and be one of the moms) sitting in the crown, doing the actions and quietly encouraging your child along.  When really no one is probably looking at my kid but me.  I know this because at the end of it I was exhausted from all the silent, but energetic encouraging I was doing, and I never looked at any of the other kids. 



We went to an ornament party at a friends house.
We went to the uptown tree lighting and holiday fest.

We went to a Dog themed 1st birthday party for the kids' little buddy.

And that was all in the first week back from Thanksgiving.  More of December to come...

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