Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons this summer (as I mentioned) didn't go great. For Addie anyway. She sees females in hats like her teachers every once in a while and still recalls lessons and says, "I don't want to swim with Stacy." I don't think we'd hire a private teacher again. I really like Stacy, and Garrett did too. But I think I want them in group lessons next summer so they have other kids to watch and learn with and all the pressure/attention isn't just on them. Who knows if that'll help, or if I'll still feel this way next spring, but we'll see. Here's a few swim lesson pictures. 

Don't make me do this!
I think I can swim as long as I have a death grip on someone's neck. 

I can't be brave anymore!

Oh, good. We're done. (for that day anyway.)
I really hate swimming mom. 

Blowing bubbles (while teacher is counting to five) with my face in the water!

Please don't make me do this. (This was when I stopped making her do it. From here on out either myself or my MIL went in with her and that made it much better.)

Last day of lessons!

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