Monday, November 17, 2014

My boy's forth birthday

I wrote this post a month ago with the intentions of getting on the computer right after and adding some camera pictures.  We bought a new camera, so I'm back to that annoying- some really good pics are on the camera, but most are on my phone, thing that I hate.  So I'll see if I even remember how to upload pictures...

For Garrett's birthday we started the day with balloons and monkey bread. And my mom and dad were in town too! He had school that day, which ended up being an emotional day for him. But when I showed up at lunch time with ice cream, cup cakes, and treat bags or his class he was happy and excited. He made a bracelet and necklace for Me and Paul and it broke my heart seeing him cry and he hugged me and gave them to me. Sweet little guy.

After school I took him out for second lunch because he didn't eat much in his lunch box. And that evening we went to 'the jumping guy game place'. It's a pizza place with video games, bowling, a few rides and a little play ground area. Paul's parents joined us and it was a lot of fun.

On the weekend Dave came out and we had a little shark party at my in laws. Lots of ocean themed food (with lots of help from my FIL,) and shark cupcakes. His birthday dinner requests were: sandwiches, cheese chips, dippin dots, and blue cupcakes. So that's what he got. And he loved it. 


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