Wednesday, February 24, 2010

three oh

It's not that bad so far. I got spoiled for my birthday big time this year.

A Cricut, an embellishment center for my craft room, a book, gift cards, flowers. And an awesome vacation that I can't mention yet because someone who reads this might be coming with us and her husband may not have told her about it yet. Needless to say I'll be gone for 10 days in April and I get to do something so cool that I've always wanted to do. Thanks Paulie!!

My in-laws were here and were a big part of the spoiling.

Side note- Over New Years we were in California and I was at Paul's Grandpa's house (Poppy) and I was helping him with a scrapbook of his wife's life. He is so great and I just love him. Anyway he asked me if I'd ever heard of a cricut and we got to talking about them and how much I wanted one. He new more about them than anyone I've ever met. Really. So he had this surprise plan for the past 2 months and he talked to Paul's parents about it and made it all happen. He knew exactly what to get and had all these packages delivered to me. From extra cartridges, to the replacement blades, all the way down to this little metal spatula to get the letters and shapes off the cutting mat. He's a good one. It was a total surprise that he and Paul's family pulled off and I loved it! I used it last night and I'm hooked.

It was such a great weekend. We went out to eat several times, went and heard my mom sing at an awesome concert. And Sunday night my whole family, grandparents and Aunt Barbara came over to our new house for dinner. Paul's parents and sister were here and helped make the dinner and Annie made me a birthday cake. It was a perfect night. I loved having everyone there all together.

Here's some pictures of the family, the cake, the games, oh and the quilt my mother in law has been working on for us. A late wedding present. It's amazing! All hand made. She's very talented.
We also got more controllers and games so we can have 4 wii-ers at a time. It was a party!

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adrian said...

Happy 30th!! Everything gets better as you age. I am loving the picture of grandpa playing the Wii. Funny.