Friday, September 19, 2014

Big Bear

This summer's Greenhalgh vacation was in Big Bear California. So nice to have the family come to us this year! Big Bear is a mountain resort town just a couple of hours away. The in-laws of one of the White Emerson employees owns a vacation home there and they gave us a great deal for the week. It was perfect for our family. 

Addie's new farmers market dress. 

We went and saw Planes Fire and Rescue. Or as Garrett calls it "Planes Fire Police Rescue." 
She gave me one smile and then turned into a loud airplane! This was Charlie's first movie too. I've never taken a baby to a movie and was thinking I probably would t make it the whole time, but we made it.
Panning for gold at a museum. I started helping the kids and I could have done it for hours. It was so relaxing, and rewarding to see all that fake gold after the pan swirling. 

Because everyone was travelling so far to get to us, I planned and prepared all the food. It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it. 
I put Addie's hair in a bun and she was loving these bun curls when I took it out. 
A nice evening at Big Bear Lake. 

Another day at the lake and we got hit by an awesome thunder storm. 

Trying to stay dry!

We went out for pizza on our last night. 

Laura took over one of Dave's dating website profiles and sent a bunch of rails to some different types of girls than what he usually goes for. Laura's advice to Dave and emails to the girls had us all laughing. And now, a couple months later, it sounds like one out of 17 almost worked out. 
I found some white puzzles on clearance at micheals so I took them with us and here are some of the finished products. 
It was a really fun trip. It's not always easy being with the whole family for a whole week (is it easy for any family) but we all love each other and had a great time.


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Heidi Rogers said...

What a great looking trip! You guys had a nice view from the patio. We love Big Bear. Used to camp up there every year. I'm glad your family came to you guys this year and you had a great time.