Friday, May 2, 2014


We dyed eggs (and decorated cookies) a few days before Easter so my mom could join us. The kids did 18 eggs and not a single one cracked. They would have done 1800 if I'd let them. Glad we had cookies as a distraction.
Garrett made sure every sprinkle got in the right spot. 
Addie made sure every sprinkle got in her mouth. 
On Easter morning we did a little hunt at home and had breakfast before heading to church.

I'm not great at planning ahead for Easter outfits.  And I guess I don't really care that much either, (because they're either be dirty or off in about an hour).  I bought Charlie's dress a few months ago for $15.00 at the OC swap meet. Then I did great at a consignment store for the older two and spent a total of $5.50 for everything they're wearing. Hats are from the Target dollar spot. 
I'd been pinning cute little bunny ear hat and diaper covers on Pinterest, hoping to get a set for Charlie's newborn pictures. My super talented and sweet friend Carlie, in Utah, saw my pins and text me offering to make me a set. It was such a sweet gift and they were absolutely darling on Charlie.

Bapa bought a bounce house for the kids. They played in it for a couple hours and sweat through their outfits before I got smart and put them in cooler clothes. 
We had the extreme basket hunt (that included prize money). 
And then an egg hunt. There were probably 150 eggs for these two to find, and then they re-hid them and found them again. (And they didn't want anything that was inside.)

I struggle with all the 'stuff' that comes along with Easter, even though its fun to see the kids enjoy it. It made me happy to be together at church. And then after, I asked the kids if they wanted to go see what the Easter bunny brought to Bapa and Gaga's house and Garrett said, "No, I wanna go see Jesus."

I hope you all had a great Easter too! 

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I want to be a part of your family! Stat.