Thursday, December 15, 2011

{Not} Feeling Christmasy

I told Paul we need to do some Christmas things because I'm just not feeling it this year. I'm not sad it's Christmas time, in fact, I'm pretty happy about Christmas, and I'm looking forward to the next couple weeks. It just doesn't feel like Christmas when you see more lit palm trees than pine trees, and you look for a shady spot at a Christmas parade.But so far all we've done is go to said parade, and go for one little drive to see a popular decorated house that wasn't decorated this year. But that's ok. We're staying plenty busy.

I told Paul several months ago that I'm not committing to anything this year and that it was going to be a low-key gift giving kind of year. So far, so good. But that doesn't mean I'm not busy! (besides the kids.) I made 11 dozen cupcakes in two days for work. I helped with food for a candle light service. I'm dipping 5 pounds of pretzels. I'm shopping for, and putting together a dozen or so gift baskets. I have a few more dozen cupcakes on the calendar in the next week. (all this for work.) AND, I'm getting gifts ready for Paul and the kids, and extended family, some I have to ship. Making holiday treats here and there for parties. Yesterday and today has been picture ordering day, (for gifts, grandparents love pics of their grandkids for Christmas), as well as Christmas and birth announcement designing, ordering, and addressing. Costco card templates won this year, nothing creative. But they'll all be in the mail by tonight! This weekend is wrapping gifts, finish up shopping, heading to the post office, family pictures with the White's, celebrating Christmas with the White's, a rehearsal dinner and wedding for some good friends. Sounds 'low-key' enough, right?

My baby is a month old today, A MONTH! We had some friends over a couple days ago and they said, what is she now, almost 2 weeks? Feels that way to me too! She's growing and doing well. I've talked to a couple friends in Utah the past few days who have asked what it's like having two. And my response is that I keep waiting for it to get hard, but so far it's been easier than I thought it would be. Sure I could use more sleep, I'm busy all the time, I clean up the same messes over and over all day, and I feel like adding one tiny persons wash has quadrupled my laundry. But it's not so bad. Going from one to two has been way easier for me than going from zero to one. I worry less. I don't second guess myself as much. And I really just focus on enjoying it. I have bad moments, and even bad days here and there. (Yesterday I text Paul and told him to hurry and remind me that it's a blessing to be a mom. And when my mother-in-law asked me last night what I did that day, I said, "tried to sell my kids on ebay.") But I love it. I won't be tired forever. And I won't have beautiful little kids who want to be with me every second forever. It's a blessing. Even when Addie spits up on my face at the same time that Garrett dumps a bowl of chicken noodle soup on his head... Little blessings... ;)

Paul was on Garrett duty. I know this looks staged, but I promise this is what I walked into both times.Garrett got his 6th haircut over the weekend. He's so shaggy.Sometimes I let Garrett lay in greasy pizza boxes and I just don't care.


megantonesforever said...

Wow, you are staying busy! I love the pizza box pic. Too funny.

Elizabeth said...

Lol to the sleeping daddy with toys allover him and to the pizza box photo! thanks for keeping it real! :)